Sunday, November 27, 2005

Remix Until You Get Lucky

Michael Verdi Considers His Year
As the year's end approaches many of us will take the opportunity to reflect on our lives and consider what we have accomplished (and not) over the last year. For those of you who made New Year's resolutions last year (and still remember them) this is often a time for self-scrutiny, self-justification, and self-deception. However, as many vloggers approach and exceed their one-year mark of vlogging, this year is a time to rejoice over all that has happened both personally and publicly in the vlogosphere.

Michael Verdi is doing just that in Lucky. Michael recently passed his one-year mark, and now he can enjoy reflecting on all of the beautiful, mundane, narcisistic, serendipitous, and epiphanic moments that he has shared with the rest of us. What is so remarkable is that, in the revlog of these experiences, as in the vlogosphere in general, there is a sense of nostalgia for both the vlogger and the viewer. Watching Michael's revlog helped me reflect on my own introduction to the vlogosphere and to the wonderful people it inhabits.

So how has your live changed over the past year? Think about it and get out there and make a post about it--you have until Wednesday to post a remix right here!

Originally posted on We Are The Media.


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